To Work In Teams Or Not

Successful teams are an asset to Organizations and no matter what your personality type is – it is simply expected of everyone to work well together. No matter your job or the company you work for, your age or your race – teamwork is part of most positions and therefore essential. As the saying goes; “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

We have all been communicating since we were born, however, we find it still to be one of the biggest challenges in the workplace. Every individual would be more successful by improving their communication skills and by interacting successfully within their teams. Conflict is also an inevitable part of working relationships and we can’t deny that this happens all the time in the workplace.

There are many important factors that we should consider if we want to get to know our fellow team members. Understanding your team members’ strengths and weaknesses will help to build a stronger team.  Another important factor of teamwork is that teamwork also builds morale. If you feel that your work is being valued and that your ideas contribute to the greater success of the Company it will not only build confidence but also trust.  Bottom line is teams that work well together can produce greater results.

According to a recent Havard Business Review, there are certain challenges that teams nowadays encounter.  Some of these challenges are –  ineffective leadership; lack of creativity; lack of participation and inability to resolve a conflict.

But why do people and especially young people find it difficult in modern society to participate?

According to “FastCompany” and an article was written by Thomas Chamorro- Premuzic, ( there are some personality traits which explains why people find it difficult to participate in teams:

  • Ambition: When things go badly it is believed to be often the most ambitious team members that start to blame others.  These ambitious team members are also most likely to challenge the leader’s authority.
  • Creativity and openness to experience: Innovation is important but even more important is openness.  How open are you to new ideas, suggestions or change?  The more open you are the more you will embrace change and innovation.
  • Conscientiousness and Self-control: One of the biggest personality traits that contribute to team success is conscientiousness.  Conscientious people are more reliable and diligent.  Even when they aren’t always intrinsically motivated by a task – they might still perform well, be self-disciplined and avoid distractions.

Whatever the personality traits of team members we can’t deny that we should emphasize emotional-intelligence and self-awareness within our teams.  We should start listening to one another and start asking effective questions.  We should be open to change and innovation and create a culture of creative awareness, but most important we should inspire and influence each other in a positive way.  Our teams are the future for success!