New comfort zone

Discomfort leads to Maturity- Herman

Herman is a kind-hearted well-mannered young man. Herman seems very mature for his age. Herman attended My Best Gap Year this year and this contributed to his maturity. Herman says he studied engineering.

“Caring about people, about things, about life- is an act of maturity. – Tracy McMillan”

He then decided to attend My Best Gap Year where he learned how to talk to people, how to introduce himself to new people. He also had to ride the Gautrain to the Gap year, thus he practiced his new skills on the train. This helped him to become more mature. He learned to respect himself and other people even when they don’t have the same value’s as he does. He learned to handle conflict in the right ways.

“Maturity is achieved when a person postpones immediate pleasures for long-term values. – Joshua Loth Liebman”

Herman is planning on going back to study next year. He says he knows that when he returns to studying he will meet new people where he can apply all that he has learned. He wants to become an industrial designer, He wants to design new things, especially weapons.

Some tips on How to get out of your comfort zone:

  • Do everyday things differently.
  • Take your time making decisions.
  • Trust yourself in your decisions.
  • Do it in small ways.

Herman says he wants to recommend attending My Best Gap year to school leavers because you don’t attend this with your existing friends, so this forces you to build new relationships. In My Best Gap year, you get to know people with different backgrounds and different values. This helps to equip you for further studies at universities.

Signs of Maturity:

  • Maturity is to be able to tolerate negative things without getting even.
  • Maturity is patience.
  • Maturity is perseverance and hard work despite setbacks.
  • Maturity is not complaining or finding someone to blame when things get difficult.
  • Maturity is humility. Not being too proud to admit mistakes.
  • Maturity is to evaluate a situation, decide and stick to the decision.
  • Maturity is dependability, keeping your word, being worthy of trust.
  • Maturity is living in peace with what you cannot change, not worry.

If you want to break out of your comfort zone, become more mature and want to be part of The My Best Gap year. Please contact Reneé Van Wyk at or visit our Contact Us page.