Be authentically you

Be authentically you- with Roodt

Roodt is a very sensitive young man with a lot of creative passion. Roodt is attending My Best Gap year in 2017. When Roodt was in Gr.9 he had to move schools, which produced some difficulties regarding subject choices and language differences. He felt in school he made a few wrong choices regarding the subjects he wanted to take.

“Remind yourself that you cannot fail at being yourself. – Wayne Dyer”

He then decided to attend My Best Gap Year. So far, he has learned what career type’s suits his talents. He wants to study Graphic design because he is very creative. He has already subscribed for a course next year. He says the course is extremely comprising. He believes that My Best Gap Year is helping him to see what he enjoys in life. He says he is not concerned with making a lot of money but rather with enjoying what he does. Because if he enjoys what he does it will bear bigger rewards. He wants to stay close to his family and friends but also travel to New Zealand for recreation purposes.

“Your Authentic self will sell itself. – Live Bomb”

He says he will recommend My Best Gap Year for school leavers because then you can be sure of what you want to do and what you are passionate about. It helps you to become someone who will outlast if you do what you like.

Here are a few general tips to become more authentic like Roodt;

  1. Know who you are, know what your values are. If you don’t know start by observing yourself.
  2. Keep an open mind and look for real connections with others. All humans have some things in common. Try to understand other people and their perspectives.
  3. Live in the moment. It is easy to be in conversation and while someone is talking to you, in your mind you are planning your answers, but you stopped to listen to them. This is one of the signs that you are no longer in the moment.
  4. Answer the following question: What will people know about you if they really know you?
  5. Don’t try to be too perfect. It is impossible to be perfect. If you are always trying to be perfect or act in the perfect manner, you are inauthentic.
  6. Take notes of when you think you are being inauthentic.
  7. Trust your intuition.

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