These are testimonials which will give you insight in the benefits of self development

Dis ongelooflik dat die jaar so gevlieg het. Ek moet myself knyp om seker te maak ons slaap nie. Roodt is gesort vir 2018. Baie Dankie.

Dink die man weet nou presies waarna toe hy oppad is. Ons het hom klaar geregistreer by Centurion Akademie. Hy is nou al ‘n trotse eienaar van sy EIE studente nommer.
Ons is vrek TROTS op hom in ons midde met daai baard wat groei vir die lste span.

Dankie vir julle bydrae en ondersteuning. Julle is absoluut amazing. Ek adverteer My Best Gap Year op my Facebook of dit uit die mode gaan. Sal julle vir enige iemand aanbeveel.

Ons sien uit na volgende week se Eindjaar Funksie.
Sonneblom Liefde, Ons.

Rens & Martie

What a difference a year can make!
My dream “big picture” of myself contained qualities like success, self acceptance, SELF CONFIDENCE and trusting my choices and my decision to stand on my own two feet.
I developed a mental block concerning one of my tertiary subjects (post graduate). My self esteem went for a dive and I felt unhappy, doubting myself and out of control. With an open mind Reneé helped me to challenge and break through my false sense of truth, my limiting beliefs and worldview; to commit to choices I made to change. Reneé guided me through this process, and my dream big picture came true!
Like everything else in life growth and developments is an ongoing process. One of the tools I learned and use is to recite my new driver focus filter, and by doing this I daily give myself the power to deal with my inner conflict, overcome self doubt and face my fear.
Every now and again I have to remind myself where I have been and what I am working towards just to feel proud of myself.
Had I not completed this programme with Reneé, I would have endured yet another disappointing year, I will be forever grateful. I am very excited about my future!

Henriëtte Nel

At the beginning of 2013 I believed I only had two options for my life: either teaching which I hated, or unemployment. It was very painful for me realizing that I never wanted to teach in the first place, I studied all those years, wasted all that money!
For 6 months I was miserable, unhappy, and negative, blamed myself, felt guilty and thought I did something wrong. I was in a terrible state. I upset all my loved ones around me – who wants the best for me. I thought that I was not good enough for any other career and that my only option was to be stuck in a school – for life!!!
During the June holiday I enrolled in Reneé ‘s breakthrough coaching program, which forms part of the My Best Gap Year program. Through this process I really got to know myself, and learned that I was not doing something wrong by being unhappy with my circumstances. I realised that there are MANY other options. I had to see my blind spots and unused opportunities. I can still accomplish my goals, I just needed to get crystal clear clarity on what I wanted.
Reneé helped me to deal with cropped up emotions, taught me how to manage my state and make decisions with the end in mind.
Reneé assisted me in identifying my limiting beliefs and I replaced them with empowering beliefs, one of which is: I can do any of the things I love and do not have to choose between these things if I prioritize them correctly.
I made the necessary career change, and even if it feels that I had to start from the bottom again, I now love what I do and am developing new skills to improve myself to enable me to reach my goals. I also realize that I did waste my time getting the qualification I have, it made it easier for me to make the career change. I love doing things I love!!

Nicollete Uys

Ek wil net graag vir jou baie dankie sê vir ALLES wat jy vir my geleer het! Die positiewe insigte wat jy altyd gehad het !

Dankie vir die tyd wat jy uit gesit het om my te leer. Dankie vir die klein “tips” en frases wat jy altyd het om my te inspireer! Dankie dat jy JY was. Dankie vir die wonderlike voorrreg om so baie te kon leer hierdie jaar saam met jou! Dit was verseker `n ervaring wat ek altyd sal koester, ALTYD !!

Bianca Moolman

Circumstances in life can very often derail somebody which appeared to be very much on track. When this happen to one of your own children, who has already achieved above average outcomes in many areas (academically, socially, sport), then as parent you know something different must be done. I asked Reneé to work with my child through personal sessions, because I knew she is amazing in helping people to make personal breakthroughs and she is properly trained and qualified in applying various techniques. The outcome was beyond expectation. Applying the techniques that Reneé taught her, my daughter regained her self-confidence and trust in her own ability. It was immediately noticeable in her attitude, her posture and approach to her studies. Her concentration levels increased and her marks were back to what she is capable of. She learned something that will always influence her life in a positive way. Reneé had a tremendous impact on my child’s life and I definitely recommend her and the courses she can offer, especially to help younger people get stability and prepare them for their life ahead.

Jan Nel (Father)

“Renee’s knowledge has had an invaluable influence of my personal and professional development.

Her assessment of my Neethling brain profile has helped me to understand myself on a level where I was able to identify my strentghs and use them to optimal advantage. The dream extractions she facilitated clarified aspects of my personal goals that I had been unaware of. I believe that her advice on how to market and present myself in the working world has given me an advantage over others and that it has enhanced the way I interact on a professional level. Thank you, Renee, for giving me the tools I need to keep growing!”

Tish Bateman

“Renee en Riaan se droomekstraksie het my gehelp om myself beter te verstaan. Dit was ‘n awesome journey.

Renee het al baie vir my raad gegee en sy het ‘n manier om dinge in ‘n nuwe perspektief te plaas. Sy is ‘n waardevolle persoon om te ken. Go, Renee!”

Willem Bateman

“The steps applied in Renee’s gap year program has taught me so much, from CV and interview skills to building confidence and knowing how to project my own value without being arrogant. It made me aware of where I can improve on myself and build the skills I needed in life out there. Especially the dream extraction process made me realise where my passion really lies and gave me so much clarity on where I should be going with my life. Thanks Renee!” Adriaan van Wyk.

Adriaan Van Wyk

I attended the brain profile and dream extraction personal strategy course with Renee van Wyk and it really changed my perspective of my life. With the first session we explored the kind of personality I have and how that affects my life as well as the people around me. Renee taught me how to set goals and now my life seems much less complicated and I am more focused. I got to know my inner self and changed the direction I was heading towards. I have been barking up the wrong tree.

The program guides you to find your own path to happiness. We explored the future and what my true dream is. We also looked at what will give me what I want out of life and how to proceed to get that. The exercises are fun and Renee has a real gentle and fun manner in which she explains the process. I would recommend this program to everyone and I have only one thing I would like to ad: be honest with the tasks you are given, it could change your life!

Marieke Viljoen