Subject & Career Choices for Grades 9 – 12

Discovering your child’s perfect subject combinations and career options cannot get easier than our unique, scientific approach to career guidance. Through various assessments, we will identify your strengths and weaknesses and explore the right career opportunities aligned with your unique Genetic Brain Profile, allowing you to discover your true potential that has always been waiting to be unleashed.

During grade 9, learners select the subjects they will be studying for their final school exams. If they don’t select the right subject combination, there will be a chance they will not be able to pursue the degree or field of study they are interested in at university.

Your child’s genetic brain profile will provide insight into his/her academic strengths and weaknesses. It will reveal whether your child has a natural talent for mathematics, sciences, reading, spelling, art and design, music, comprehension, understanding quickly and problem solving.

It will also identify possible learning obstacles, such as slow reading speed, misreading questions or assignments, especially in exams. Trouble with spelling and mathematics. Difficulty understanding new concepts. Under performing, trouble concentrating and easily distracted.

Factors taken into consideration

  • What motivates them and – their “hot buttons”
  • Preference for teamwork or individual work
  • Degree of human interaction needed
  • Sensitivity to others’ needs
  • Office work: yes/no
  • Preference for structure or flexibility
  • Concern with details or the big picture
  • Stress profile
  • Personal interests
  • Personality
  • Academic marks
  • Identify natural talents or abilities













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