– About Us –

One of the MOST STRESSFUL times in anyone’s life is any period of transition – when you HAVE to cross that bridge, and you do not feel as confident or certain as you would like to feel! Transition between school and life “out there”, or university and the world of work, can be scary. Having to make big decisions and considering big life changes causes uncertainty, anxiety and even frustration.

We are a group of interdisciplinary professionals and entrepreneurs. We coach, guide, train and support young people bridging the gap between school and the world out there. We welcome students who drop out of tertiary study, to assist them to create a sense of certainty, and help them get their confidence back.

We are passionate about helping our clients to create success in all aspects of their lives. We see ourselves as co-creating with our students a future pull, an abundance and resilient mentality, and assist them to develop the skills to manage themselves and the environment in which they contribute. For us it is important that our students learn to live by principles and strategic intent.