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NBI Preference Profile_Brainprofile_Instructions



NBI Instructions for online profile

The questionnaire will take approximately 20 – 30 minutes to complete.
The purpose of the profile is to determine your thinking preferences.
There is not a “right” or “wrong” profile and it is important that you are honest with your choices.

• Do not ponder too long on each question – your first answer is usually the right one.
• Complete the profile when you have enough time (+/- 30 minutes) available to do so.
• There are 2 parts to the profile, please complete both.

STEP 1: Logon to: http://questions.nbiprofile.com
The Solutionsfinding login page is displayed.

STEP 2: Use the codes given to you by your NBI practitioner to log in:
Click on ENTER

STEP 3: Welcome page displayed.
Click on Continue

STEP 4: Registration Form displayed. Please complete your personal details.
Click on Submit

STEP 5: Explanation of questionnaire displayed. Read it.
Click on Continue

STEP 6: Complete the questionnaire for part 1
There are 30 questions that must be answered according to your preferences.
Ask yourself “what would I prefer, if all things are equal”. There are 4 options to choose from.
You select your 1st choice as your 1st option by clicking on the option, select your 2nd option, and then your 3rd option.
The system will automatically assume that the last choice will be your last option and will take you to the next question.

STEP 7: Complete the second part
There are 16 screens. You must make a choice between the a and the b statements with each of the 4 groups per screen.
When you are done, click on home.

When done, WhatsApp Renee on 072 019 5003